Filter Clean

a Common Sense Company

safe and Cost-effective Air Filter Cleaning Service

Most Commercial and Industrial air filters can be professionally cleaned and reliably reused for half the price of new replacements.  Properly cleaned and individualy inspected filters are safe and capture more dust.  Many customers prefer the savings in their filter budget. Some customers change their filters twice as often and save more in fuel.  An engine that breathes better uses less fuel.

Cleaned Air Filters:

- Cost half the price of new!

- Perform better than new!

- Last just as long as new!

eCo friendly

Since 1997 we have kept over 500,000 air filters out of landfills.

90% are reused, saving the energy, materials, and pollution from making new filters.

10% are salvaged for scrap metal.

No chemicals or solvents are used for cleaning.