Eco Friendly AIR FILTER cleaning Service


In 1997 Common Sense Engineering Inc. developed a system that dry-cleans commercial air filters. No water or solvents are used. This process uses a powerful 15 Hp vacuum to induce a high volume, low pressure, airflow backwards through the air filter. High-pressure air nozzles then “comb the pleats” to loosen the dust so that the suction can carry it back out the way it came in.

OEM Recommended

Both Caterpillar and Komatsu recommend using cleaned air filters. Our dry cleaning system uses high volume, low pressure air as specified in the 39 page “Caterpillar Certified Procedure to Inspect and Clean Air Filters {1051, 1054}” (SEBF8062-04). This procedure states “air filters can be used up to six times when the air filters are correctly cleaned and inspected.”


Our goal is to clean filters for 50% of your cost of new filters. This cuts your air filter cost in half every time you have a filter cleaned. We will try to honor your discounted purchase pricing so your savings are truly 50%.


Due to our rigorous inspection process, we have cleaned over 500,000 filters with only two warranty claims (both of them turned out to be manufacturing defects - but we still took care of them).


Problem prevention is always better then remediation, but we carry a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy that will cover your equipment just-in-case of damage resulting from using our service. Certificates are provided to all our customers upon request.